13 High-Tech breakthroughs from Eindhoven that will reshape the world as we know it – e.g. hire a Robot

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Hire a robot to do the job: world’s first robot employment agency For only 3,000 euros a month, you can hire a robot from world’s first robot employment company SmartRobotics! It enables companies to test the robot before they buy it. The robots and their software are flexible, so they can be used for different jobs. Their size (they’re small), weight (only 30 kilos) and force sensors also make them very safe to work with. SmartRobotics also started a special academy, training 30.000 people to work with robots. At least they’ll never steal your lunch.


Niederländische Startups auf der Hannover Messe:  Industry Expert or Startup? (24./25.04.17)

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In cooperation with Hannover Messe, the Dutch and German High Tech Startup Networks host this two day event (April 24 & 25) to make connections between the industry leading companies and the best high-tech startups at the fair. Are you a startup? Want to get face-to-face time with tech and industry leaders who could become your lead client, mentor or even your lead investor? Meeting the Industry Giants will give you a shot not just at meeting executives at some of the world’s most innovative corporations, but actually pitching on the stage in front of a huge crowd at Hannover Messe next month. We’re looking for 40 top startups (10 in four categories) • Industry 4.0 • Mobility • Energy • Research & technology These will be the hottest topics at Hannover Messe 2017, the largest industrial show in the world for integrated industry; robotics, advanced sensor integration and AI. More info? Click here. Or sign up right away: http://blog.hightechcampus.com/build-your-business/industry-expert-or-startup-connect-at-hannover-messe


Brainport Eindhoven vital to Dutch economy

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The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Raad voor de Leefomgeving en Infrastructuur, Rli) conducted an extensive investigation into the sources of power for the Dutch economy and concludes that traditional main ports have become less dominant. The internet economy – based around the Amsterdam Internet Exchange – and Brainport Eindhoven have become equally important. The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure is the strategic advisory board for government and parliament on the broad field of sustainable development of the environment and infrastructure. For that reason their report “Beyond Mainports“, presented to the Ministers of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and the Environment on July 1, will be an important building stone for the next national coalition agreement.... The port of Rotterdam with its direct and indirect activities in 2015 contributed 3.1% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Netherlands, compared to 6% in 1992. Schiphol Airport had a share of 1.4% of GDP in 2015. The Council gives no exact GDP figures for Brainport, but according to other studies this comes down to about 5% of the Gross Domestic Product.

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