120 Experts from Northern Bavaria, the Netherlands, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden and Austria met at the European Integrated Plant Engineering Conference (IPEC) 2019 on “edge analytics”. This time on artificial intelligence, data analytics in the edge were focussed by the speakers. More security and faster processes on machine level are just some of the advantages in these new concepts compared to cloud solutions. In parallel to the conference a partnering event was organised by Bayern Innovativ, partner in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Bilateral 30-minutes meetings between participants from Bavaria, Germany, Estonia, Netherlands, Denmark and Austria were held  so that international long-lasting cooperations can be established.

Delegations from the Dutch regions Brabant and South-Holland (organized by BOMInnovationQuarter) and a danisch startup delegation (organizied by the Danish Innovation Center Munich) used the European Integrated Plant Engineering Conference „edge analytics“ to deepen a european technology driven dialogue. Delegation participants took the opportunity to make new contacts and to visit the Siemens MindSphere headquarter in Erlangen and Evosoft’s Industry 4.0 laboratory and the digital startup incubator Zollhof. Besides technical presentations the aspect of AI in Music was also adressed. More information about the discussed topics can be found in the agenda.

The IPEC is organized by the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Automation Valley Nordbayern with technical expertise and moderated by the VDI Bayern Nordost and VDE Nordbayern. Besides long time partners like Enterprise Estonia this year also the Hannover Messe Partner Country Schweden participated.

2. April 2019 next international meeting Netherlands-Bavaria at Hannover Messe

The next meeting between the Netherlands and Bavaria will take place on the 2nd of April 2019 at the Hannover Messe to continue the dialogue on „Industrial Intelligence“. In addition to presentations from Bavaria and the Netherlands, there will be a guided tour to Dutch and Bavarian exhibitors. There will also be the option of participating in a matchmaking/partnering of the participants and an interactive talk show at the Dutch Pavilion. Further information regarding agenda, registration and free trade fair tickets (permanent passes) can be found here: www.automation-valley.de/veranstaltungen/messetalk-2019-nl-by/