ENGINEERING 2050 Workshop – 28.01.2017

ZOLLHOF – Entrepreneurship Centre, Nuremberg, Germany
We begin to define Cyber Engineering Objects (CEOs). CEOs enable the engineering for the production of the future. The CEOs shall cover all aspects of the engineering, being complete, open, extendable but still lightweight. Workshops will be conducted to bring the ideas together. We involve process engineers, automation engineers, computer scientists and artists according to the philosophy of the project. The cornerstones of the CEOs are to be described and a prototype is tobe implemented.

• Presentation of the first ideas of Cyber Engineering Objects on IPEC 2017, March 29, 2017.
• IV_Realization of CEOs: July 2017

Participation for free. Registration until December16, 2016 at

More information can be found in the agenda.