Summary of presentation by Dirk Spindler, President R&D, Schaeffler Industrial:

“Industrie 4.0”: Intelligent rolling bearing solutions – from product to service

Intelligent bearing solutions allow important operating conditions in machines, plant or products to be assessed and controls to be put in place. As a rolling bearing manufacturer, Schaeffler’s products therefore have a central role in the „Industrie 4.0“ initiative. As the bearings are responsible for guidance and positioning as well as supporting forces and movement, the many variations in the production process or in the products themselves can be detected immediately in the bearings. This includes variations in the bearings‘ wear and lubrication status. By accurately measuring data from condition monitoring (lubrication status, wear particles, temperature, vibration, frequencies) as well as force, torque and speed, it is possible to form a precise, virtual image of a machine’s condition, the majority of processes (process monitoring) as well as production status.

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